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   Pierre Oulevay
With charcoal, pencil, oil, suggested stream-lined bodies, cross the pictorial surface, like angels, touching lightly with sensuality the sheet of paper. A soft blast of air seems to float around these new works, like a desirable and mysterious perfume.

The mildness of the clouds, the dream in which we get lost, the line that can be followed into the infinite, the trace which shades off are as many poetic strophes written with passion by the artist, with smoothness and seduction, leading the eyes and the heart into far away lands where a blurring of harmony and light, seem suspended in course of time.

Beyond the first impressions, a few strong and incisive lines assert freely the rough sketch of a shoulder, the curve of a hip, the contour of a calf, the round of a breast, suggesting half-naked bodies. The ensemble is carefully built and then partially erased, shaded off, rubbed, so as to keep only the essential and let the eye the pleasure of the wandering and imagination.

In an atmosphere bathed with light where the white has often the nice part, between tension and tenderness, the measure of the sculptor is however fully present. The modelling, the volume are palpable thanks to a subtle game of darks and lights, despite a tangling up of interweaved lines, intersected, suggesting here an arched body, there a reversed head or a leg in equilibrium.

The same marvellous bodies are also melted into metal, gray, smooth, alternating the brilliancy and unpolished way of the aluminium. They occupy space with intensity, capturing light and accompanying the large sheets of paper. Created by the expert hands of the sculptor, they assert with independence and audacity, a magnificent group of works to be discovered absolutely.

Pierre Oulevay, a painter, sculptor, graphic designer and decorator, born in 1944, was schooled at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Vevey. He has participated to numerous personal and group exhibitions in Switzerland and France and benefited, since 1970, of a score of prices and commissions for the realization of public works in the Canton de Vaud.

Dr.Danielle Junod-Sugnaux

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  Pierre Oulevay